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The perfect colour palette for your home in 2019

By Madeleine Hitchens

Dulux has revealed the colours of 2019, in four striking and stunning palettes. Discover the perfect hues to embrace in the year ahead.

Colour authority Dulux has today revealed its colour forecast for 2019.

Today, where our attention is split by factors such as technology, social media and a never-ending influx of information, these four colour palettes have been carefully curated to inspire a sense of stillness, simplicity and honesty in the place we call home.

Dubbed ‘Filter’, the multifaceted collection brings together soothing neutrals, bold brights and deep decadent shades that hint at eras long gone by.

The resulting four themes are Repair, Wholeself, Legacy and Identity.

Identity is the theme for self expression. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

“This year’s theme, Filter, speaks to our collective craving for individuality and personal expression,” says Dulux colour expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr.

“It helps us mindfully tap out all the distractions and focus on the things that move and inspire us.

“Our confidence with colour is growing and with this, the drive to create spaces that reflect our history, hopes and dreams.”

Below, we take a closer look at the four palettes that will shape our abodes in the year ahead.


We’ve come to control just about every step in our days, from the bus we catch to work, to the music we listen to on the way. ‘Repair’, a palette inspired by nature and its unpredictable happenings, is a gentle reminder that life isn’t always as calculated, but rather, fragile.

Repair reflects on our desire to reconnect with nature with grounding neutrals, subdued greens and rich cinnamon and sienna shades.

Repair is designed to ground you. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

“Repair is my favourite palette of 2019,” says Andrea.

“I love its muted, tonal combinations and slightly off-beat, vintage feel. It sets a warm, nurturing mood in a space and creates the perfect backdrop for timber, leather and unusual collectables.”

Perfectly styled with vintage pieces. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen


This palette was designed to combat the stream of information that crosses our path every day.

With calming mauves, powdery pinks and flecks of gold, it aims to soothe and encourage deep breaths.

A luxurious escape for modern lifestyles. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

“From our global research it’s clear there will be an emphasis on wellness and mindfulness in 2019 – and the Wholeself palette really plugs into these themes,” says Andrea.

“With its soft, light tones and subtle layerings of texture, it’s a palette to ignite the senses and revive a tired spirit.

“It’s also easy to decorate with existing whites and cool neutrals, which I believe will make it a popular choice for home enthusiasts.”

Wholeself is easily paired with crisp whites. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen


‘Legacy’ throws back to eras gone by.

With intense and saturated purples, rich russets and bright aquas, Legacy creates a modern, edgy elegance – while paying homage to bygone eras.

A gorgeous throwback to bygone eras. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

“The Legacy palette is timeless, yet thoroughly modern. Think rich colour, classic furniture and sumptuous textiles used in unexpected ways. For example, these colours may be set against a streamlined backdrop or styled with an industrial edge,” says Andrea.

“Purple has emerged as a base colour and is softened by paler shades of lilac and mauve – it’s a palette to push your creative boundaries.”

The palette encourages you to push the colour boundaries. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen


‘Identity’ is all about optimism and cheer. One for the rule breakers among us, this palette encourages clashing patterns and an unbridled approach to colour.

“Featuring striking blues, purples and shades of citrus, this palette encourages you to incorporate a playful side into your décor,” says Andrea.

Citrus shades draw the eye in to a space. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

“These colours command you to be brave and experiment with unique looks in the home. They translate particularly well in the bedroom – a nurturing space that’s all about you.

“Paint the door, a piece of furniture or a feature nook in a bright and invigorating shade and watch the room come to life.”

A bright nook adds zing to this space. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

“Whether you choose to go all-out and paint an entire room – or simply add some accents – you’ll be amazed at the transformative effect of colour,” says Andrea.

“Incorporating one or more colours from any of these four palettes will bring your home right up-to-date.”

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